I had an amazing time at DEBS 2016! It was great to meet other researchers in my field, discuss my ideas (and have them dissected) and make some new friends.

I was extremely excited to meet Karthik Ramasamy who is the head of real time analytics at Twitter. He gave a very interesting talk about the evolution of Twitter’s new distributed stream processing engine (Heron) and how they use it in production. This included the issues they were having with sizing the resource requirements of their streaming topologies and setting the parallelism of their topology components. This process currently has to be done manually and can take up to a week to complete. As Heron is an evolution of the Apache Storm system I use in my research, I hope that my research could be applied to solving this issue with Heron.

The doctoral symposium paper that was accepted for DEBS 2016 has now been published as part of the proceedings so I am now a published researcher!